Well that was a fucking letdown. Firstly, waking up around 1AM on about two hours sleep isn’t ideal, but I’d happily do it again. But not for a shitshow like that. The first inning was quality, with two-runs scored off Jake Odorizzi in a blink of an eye. Estrada looked good too, even heading into the third where he started getting tagged, and hard.

The home run by Corey Dickinson shocked me completely, it came from nowhere. Marco was dealing, had great control, was doing what he wanted. Even the home run itself was surprising after it was hit. It looked like a regulation fly-ball, somehow, it ended up over the fence. My opinion is that it was all Zeke’s fault, it was shithouse fielding. He seemed to lose track of the ball, he should’ve caught the ball, it went over the small wall, and if his position, or his fielding wasn’t so shit, I think the inning would’ve ended 2-0, and the Jays would’ve won. As it stood it was 2-1 and only one out.

Down to the Steven Souza Jr home run, that ended the game, and I saw it coming about five seconds before it happened. I just felt it, you just knew that he was about to go yard, and sure enough he did. That wasn’t Zeke’s fault at least.

After that there wasn’t anything good that was ever going to come out of the game, if anything it got worse. The Bringer of Rain got injured, with his troublesome calf flaring up. In short, FUCK.

To conclude, I’d like to congratulate Casey Lawrence. I don’t mind if he got the loss yesterday, or if he got hit around again today. No matter what people say, he can tell his kids that he played Major League Baseball, for those criticising him, remember that he actually made it. He wasn’t a prospect, he’s 29, but he made it, overcoming all the odds in order to live his childhood dream. As a loyal Jay, I’m proud of him, this may have been the last ever appearance Casey makes in the Majors, but if that is it for him, congratulations Casey Lawrence, and thank you for the inspiration, especially for no-hoper journeyman baseballers like myself.


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