When will the bats light up? Yesterday was a good offensive showing by the Jays compared to the other games this season, yet at no point did they look like they could win the game because of a rare bad start from the Blue Jays Staff. Today however, was a new day, and the hope was that the team would finally click, and get the second win of the season.

The start though, didn’t fill me up with any confidence. In the second the Brewers scored home a run, and had men on first and second when some Brewer hit a line drive into what looked like a gap. Joey Bats though made a great play with the glove, a stretching, backhand catch saving Stroman two runs.

The bottom of the fourth was the only Jays offensive against Brewers starter Chase Anderson. After the first hit of the game by JD, a 4-pitch walk to Bautista and an intentional walk to Tulo put the bases loaded with 2-outs and hitless Russell Martin on the plate. Martin then struck out looking, shafted by a shit call by the home plate umpire. This would be the closest the Jays would come to scoring.

Jonathon Villar increased the Brewers lead to two with a solo shot smoked into the left field seats, and the Jays couldn’t get anything going, with the Blue Jays going into the ninth down 2-0 facing Neftali Feliz for the second straight night. After a flyout by Bautista, JD walked, which meant Kendrys Morales walked to the plate with the chance to tie. Obviously however, nothing came of it, with Morales and the Jays getting a little unlucky. Feliz stopped it instinctively, and was able to get the DP to end the game.

It was a shame to be shutout, yet it’d a pity to only look at the negatives. On a more positive front, Stroman pitched a superb complete game, with only 2 earned runs and 4 strikeouts, thanks in part to Bautista, who was busy all night. Sadly though, despite his efforts Stroman was tagged with the loss, as the Jays went down 2-0.

To end the day, I’ll talk about the return of Joey Bats incredible arm. Last year, his arm strength looked like it had fallen off a cliff, never to return. The cannon was gone, replaced by a pea-shooter of an arm that was unable to hold runners. He became a defensive liability in the field, as his one asset became one of his many defensive weaknesses. This season however, Joey Bats has that arm strength that Toronto has come to love. His ability to throw bullets to the cut-offs has been welcome, providing stability at one of the outfield corners. Hopefully this continues, because I’d kill for another Joey Bats fielding moment that could rival the 2015 game against the Yankees (I was at school that day, even though the Jays lost that day, those two outfield assists were the best, hell Joey Bats is the best).

Tomorrow the Orioles come to town for a 4-game series. If there was ever a time to sweep a 4-game series, surely it’s now. Tomorrow is Liriano’s start, go Jays and let’s hope he gets through more than one-third of an inning.



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