This Season is getting ugly, and fast

What rotten luck the Jays have had today, even taking away the result from today’s game, the loss of Aaron Sanchez to the blister issue and J.A to an unknown injury are setbacks the team couldn’t really suffer at this point.

Add on top of that the offensive failings that have plagued the Jays all season, plus the combustion of the relief core, you know what, even though I went to sleep after the 7th inning, let’s list as many problems as possible with today’s performance

  1. A didn’t cruise by any means, he had to get out of jams in the first and third before he exited the game in the fifth. However, with J.A’s injury, there is potentially a dependable starter that has been able to keep his runs down during his second stint with the Jays gone for a lengthy period of time. Happ didn’t actually concede any runs while pitching, Biagini let the runner he inherited from J.A score. Which leads to point two
  2. The Bullpen, I can live with bad days from the bullpen, so this was going to happen eventually, and it’s not a surprise when this happened, on the day that they had to go 5 innings. This pen isn’t built with depth, the Biagini-Grilli-Osuna trio are the only real dependable arms in there, so these things will happen.
  3. The Offense, enough said
  4. The Fielding, admittedly the J.A error happens a lot with pitchers, but the Coghlan error is frustrating, and wit the game just about over, Tulo’s error is simply a loss in concentration, you think he makes that mistake down one.

So, for the review of the game, the first inning was chaos, yet it somehow ended 0-0. In the top of the first, J.A got into some early, self-inflicted trouble, committing a throwing error that allowed a man to reach on first. J.A though was able to get through intact, stranding runners on second and third. In the bottom of the 1st, the Jays also stranded a runner on 3rd, with a leadoff double from Kevin Pillar and a bunt from Zeke leading Joey Bats at the plate with runners on 1st and 3rd with one out. Continuing with his season trend, he grounded into a DP, ending the inning without a run.

J.A looked good until the 5th, where after allowing a double, came out with what looked out a sore arm. Joe Biagini came in and allowed the inherited runner to score. It was at this point I began to get really, really tired. I wish I’d fallen asleep.

In came Ryan Tepera for the 6th, and he got absolutely smoked, Trey Mancini hit a one-out 3-run shot to left, that looked out the moment the ball hit the barrel. Tepera would leave the game down 4-1, the inning would then end 6-1 as Dominic Leone allowed the inherited runner to score, then allowed JJ Hardy to score from a deep sac fly.

The rally allowed in the bottom of the 7th, with a Tulo double, then a Martin single putting runners on 2nd and 3rd without an out. After Steve Pearce struck-out, Ryan Goins doubled to bring home Tulo and cut the margin to 4, and again put runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. However, Pillar and Zeke couldn’t bring them home, leaving the game at 6-2 and leaving me going to sleep.

To end with, let’s panic with the news of the J.A elbow injury. He will join Aaron Sanchez and the Bringer of Rain on the DL, at which point you start to wonder whether or not we should start trading everyone. Yes I’m fucking panicking and for good reason. JD was the only one hitting (outside of Darwin Barney, a bloody utility infielder), and with two of the starting rotation injured, we’re nearly gone already. But with every injury comes about new opportunity, and with this we’ll hopefully see if Mat Latos can come back, or if Mike Bolsinger can do what he does, or even Casey Lawrence as a starter.

Personally, I hope Mat Latos is called up, so that he gets one final chance to show what made him one of the best young pitchers going round back in Cincy, and that Casey Lawrence comes back, and can tell his kids that he made a Major League start. At this point, I’m not quite sure what to think.

We lost 11-4, the bullpen had a bad day, let’s move on to the Sox in a couple of days, and give them hell.


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