Nice and early, a 3AM start for baseball, with the Jays looking to start a winning streak. The match-ups looked good, some pitcher I’d never heard of against Marcus Stroman.

Ryan Goins started the way he ended last night, robbing a base-hit in the 1st from Kole Calhoun. Nothing else of note happened from memory, as I fell asleep in the top of the 3rd, which may’ve been a good thing, seeing that when I watch, the Jays often lose.

When I woke up in the top of the 7th, the Jays were down 1-0. At this point the Angels starter was out of the game. It turned out that the pitcher Daniel Wright was making his second career start. He pitched five scoreless innings, scattering 3 hits and 2 walks through his 80 pitches. The Jays wouldn’t score in the inning, but Stroman was still going strong, and with a low pitch count, cruised through the 7th.

The top of the 8th saw a return to the good times. After Russell Martin walked to start the inning and Coghlan popped out, Devon Travis finally flashed a little bit of his offensive potential, smacking a two run homer and giving the Jays the lead. After Ryan Goins grounded out, the Angels pitcher was removed for Brook Pounders, a good sign if anything. Sure enough, Brook began to get pounded, firstly there was a solo shot from Kevin Pillar that was a no-doubter straight off the bat. After that, Zeke tripled to the right field corner, then Joey Bats walked. Rather than remove him from the game, again Mike Scioscia persisted with his bullpen man, and again it screwed him over. Morales smashed one at Cliff Pennington, and helping the Jays nearly 2 years after he left, bobbled it, allowing the runners to reach safely and Zeke to score. According to the scorebook, it counted as a base-hit, so I guess go with that, I just think it’s an error. Smoaky then grounded out to Danny Espinosa at second into the shift to end the inning.

Stroman then cruised through the 8th, but not without some controversy. To lead off the inning, the home plate umpire called time on a full count. Obviously this normally isn’t an issue, however Stroman was in his wind-up about to pitch, and was pissed out, seeing that the pitch was a strike. So out came John Gibbons (nah he was ejected for the exact same thing in the third inning while I was sleeping). Without Gibby, out came backup manager DeMarlo Hale to argue Stroman’s case, and to save Stroman from getting himself ejected from the game. After the fuss, Stroman then struck out Maldonado on that full-count, with Maldonado getting pissed off about the call (which he should’ve been, because it was clearly low). Stroman then ended the 8th through a fly-ball and an awesome catch by Pillar, robbing Calhoun of extra-bases with a sprawling, Kevin Pillar catch.

Pounders came out to pitch the 9th, and sure enough he got tagged again. After Russell Martin and Coghlan struck out to start the inning, Devon Travis doubled, as his bat began to show signs of life. Ryan Goins then, of all people, absolutely crushed one to the right-field seats, making the score 6-1 with his first home run of the season. Pillar would strike out to end the inning, on one knee flailing at a pitch

Stroman came out to pitch the 9th, with a good pitch count in the 80s and a 5-run lead. After Ryan Goins made a great play at short to remove the GOAT, Albert Pujols doubled to the left-field wall and CJ Cron was HBP. Stroman worked himself into a jam for the first time since the 3rd. Andrelton Simmons then singled right to Joey Bats, and because Joey Bats bobbled the ball, Pujols came round to score. Thankfully, not only was it given an error to Bautista, Pete Walker kept Stroman in the game, allowing him to pitch the complete game. He did this, with Devon Travis completing the DP himself to end the game.

Stroman was dealing, and finally got a little bit of run support. On top of his complete game, he only gave up 7 hits and a walk, getting 5 K’s, all of this in only 99 pitches.

Next up is the Leafs, who hopefully can bring it to a Game 7 and make the city proud. For the Jays tomorrow, it will be Liriano against Ricky Nolasco, with the Jays looking to get their first series win of the season and a chance to move to 6-13.

Go Leafs, Go Jays, GO T.O, and let’s #BeLeaf


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