This review will be late, and it will be unfinished, due to work I won’t be watching the game after 12.30PM my time. To close the series, we sent Liriano to the mound to face Jesse Chavez. For the Jays, the outfield had Zeke at left instead of Steve Pearce, while Goins played short, Devon Travis was at second, Smoaky was at first and Chris Coghlan was at third.

Early on, the Jays got a couple of walks, a couple of hits and a couple of RISP in the 1st and 3rd but couldn’t cash him in, likewise the Angels weren’t getting anything going off Liriano early.

The first bit of action happened in the bottom of the 3rd, after Maldonado was HBP with one out, a grounded out to third was just out of reach of Chris Coghlan, with Goins forced to again make a superb play to get the lead runner at second. Liriano than got out of the inning by getting a ground-out to Devon Travis, who fielded the awkward ball to get out of the dig unscathed.

After a quick out by Smoaky, Russell Martin broke the deadlock with a solo shot to left-center, giving the Jays the lead. Despite that though, it was a quick inning by Jesse Chavez, who got 2 more quick fly-outs to Mike Trout to end the inning.

The bottom of the 4th, the GOAT showed his stuff. Trout lined one right up the first-base line for an easy double. Fielding it in foul territory, Joey Bats slipped while turning to throw. This led the GOAT, heads-up running, to advance to 3rd. After this, Albert Pujols singled to bring Trout home and level the scores at one. A DP ball cleared the bases, and the inning was ended without drama.

The Angels threatened again in the 5th, after a lead-off single and subsequent steal of second by Cameron Maybin, Liriano lost his command, walking the next batter on four pitches. The next man up, Maldonado sac bunted to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. Maybin than scored on an RBI groundout. Hit to Devon Travis, the throw to Martin was perfect, and Maybin looked dead for all money, but Maybin somehow avoided the tag from Martin, and scraped home plate with his left hand, giving the Angels the lead. Gibby chose to review, which was the most pointless, stupid review of this season. Sure enough, Maybin was called safe, as we got to see the Maybin slide in slow-motion about 15 more times. After a fly-out to shallow center, Mike Trout struck out to end the inning, stranding a runner on third and leaving 18 people wondering why I was screaming c’mon in class.

The Jays got nothing in the 6th, saying that at least Smoaky walked and to end the inning Martin was called out looking on yet another bullshit call. To start the bottom of the 6th, Chris Coghlan nearly died on a broken bat grounder, the bat landing about two feet to his left. After that, Liriano walked Jefry Marte on a full count. Andrelton Simmons then doubled, leaving runners on second and third with one out. Gibby then gave Maybin an intentional walk, leaving bases loaded and ending Liriano’s night. Dominic Leone would be trusted to stop the rot and get the Jays out of the jam. I then left due to time constraints

By the time I looked at the scores six hours later, I found lost we’d lost 2-1. I’m tired, I’ve looked all day, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. The Jays will start winning games again, I just hope it’s not too late


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