By the time Game 2 started, my mood was foul, I was pissed off, and not even my morning dumplings could cheer me up. For the second game of the doubleheader, we had the following lineup: Pillar, Coghlan, Zeke, Morales, Salty, Pearce, Goins, Barney, Casey Lawrence. So, no Joey Bats, no Martin, we basically conceded this game, unless the final score was 2-1. Pearce was in left, Zeke in right, with Coghlan at third. To top in all off, the Jays would face Adam Wainwright, the former staff ace, and in my eyes still a decent pitcher.

The first was scoreless for the Jays, with Coghlan reaching on a base-hit, but unable to come around. For Casey, the first was a disaster, Fowler singled, then Greg Garcia singled, then Carpenter had an RBI grounder. Garcia stole third because of a shit Salty throw to Coghlan at third base. The Jays did get the tag in time, but they chose not to review, which I can understand because by the first replays, it looked like Salty’s throw meant that Coghlan couldn’t tag him. Piscotty had a sac fly to make it 2-0. Grichuk then got an infield hit (BTW, I feel like there’s been about 10 infield hits in this series, how often does that happen). Matt Adams then sliced a double fair right on the left field line to make it 3-0 Cardinals. Kolten Wong was then retired, to end the inning 3-0.

Salty walked to start the inning, I repeat he got on base! Pearce followed with a base hit and an error allowed Darwin Barney to reach and load the bases (p.s turned out it was scored as a hit, not sure why but just go with it). Up came Casey Lawrence for his first career at-bat. He grounded out, but after going home, they couldn’t get the out at first, with Lawrence seemingly just beating out the throw. After reviewing the decision, the decision stayed safe, albeit it was upheld, not confirmed, and my personal belief that it was probably out. Pillar then strode to the plate with the bases loaded and 2 outs. In a microcosm of the Jays season, Pillar was unable to plate anything, flying out to right, and leaving the score 3-0. After Casey gave up the solo shot in the 2nd, I left and stopped watching.

I resumed watching in the bottom of the 7th, by this time the score was a more respectable 6-4, the Jays getting their runs through a Morales 3-run shot and an RBI single by Pillar. Casey Lawrence conceded 6 runs, all earned over 5 innings. Aaron Loup cruised through the 7th. Only after the inning though did I look through the stats (mainly to establish what the hell happened) and I realised that he threw the worst half-inning you could possibly throw without conceding a run.

In the top of the 8th, the Jays went 1-2-3, before Danny Barnes, the 26th man for the day came on to pitch the bottom of the 8th. After two singles by Fowler and Garcia to start the inning (sound familiar), Barnes first got a ground-out then on another ground-out, on a FC the Jays got Fowler at home due to some good D by Darwin Barney. With men on at first and third and two outs, all Grichuk could do was pop out, again leaving the Jays in with a shot.

Trevor Rosenthal came in to close for the Cards, and luckily for him he was up against the bottom of the order. Firstly, Goins struck out, then Smoaky also struck out (why Smoaky was pinch-hitting, down two with no-one aboard is again beyond me), to end the game, Devon Travis grounded out to third. Jays lose 6-4, Wainwright with the win, Lawrence with the loss, and Rosenthal with the save.

A couple of days back, I ranted about Salty, with this in mind, I’m starting Salty’s Strikeouts. So maybe not today because I got pissed off and stop watching, but from now on, I shall keep a track at the end of each blog post documenting how each of Salty’s Strikeouts occurred. At the moment, Salty is 1-25, with 16 strikeouts. Despite this, Salty’s OBP nearly doubled, with a walk in the second, note I thought it was a strike three caught looking, but let’s overlook this fact. Starting tomorrow, or preferably never if he’s released and we sign another catcher on the waiver wire (or promote Reese McGuire, is it too early for him to play in the Majors?), Salty’s Strikeouts will be grand.

So somehow, the Jays lost yet another series, and this season better start turning around, because if it doesn’t, I see a couple of pitchers heading out West (do the Giants have good prospects?).

I’m still pissed off in all honesty, however now isn’t the time to reflect upon this.


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