As some of my readers (as in all seven of you, who I thank for your support) may know, I’m presently in China on an exchange trip, hence the term the Beijing Bluebird. As part of this exchange program, we had to pay $1200 for a series of activities and trips. One of those happened to be a long-distance trip to a place called Yinchuan City, some city in China. Over the course of four days, we would be treated to the best Yinchuan and Ningxia province had to offer.

Before I talk about the trip, or anything else, I’d like to disclose something. I never wanted to come on the trip. If I hadn’t spent $1200 on these cultural tours and activities, frankly I don’t know if I’d have left the house, I’m a terrible tourist, so this description isn’t indicative of what China is like, more so my slanted, sports-depraved view.

So, Day One, actually scratch that, to understand my first day on the trip, you have to analyse my previous night. I’m pretty much a loner in Beijing, I keep to myself and only have a few close friends, and enjoy my own company and the presence of my laptop. However with a 7AM flight, with the requirement to catch a 4:30AM bus to the airport, I chose to pull an all-nighter. This had its inevitable consequences, namely crawling into my bedroom around 2.30AM having had a . This left two hours for me to pack my things, have a shower and ensure a successful trip to the airport.

I actually had a checklist of the things I wanted packed, so let’s go through this step by step. Two towels (just in case the hotel didn’t provide complimentary ones), check. A pair of tracksuit pants (check). Next thing I remembered was a phone call at 4.40AM. That and my roommate and my best mate banging on the door telling me to wake up or respond. I’d passed out on the luggage, and was still drunk, hungover, and panicked (in a way no Blue Jays slump could ever provide). Over the next 35 seconds, I’d shoved all of my chargers and cash into a bag, and took my unfinished luggage to the bus. Not only had I passed out on a piece of luggage, but my luggage contained two towels, and a pair of tracksuit pants.

Turned out I’d kept everyone waiting, the people I went out with had no such issues waking up (or more specifically staying aware), and to top it all off, the only clothes I had for a one week journey was the clothes I was wearing (so the clothes I wore to the club that morning). It wasn’t the greatest start to the trip, and it wouldn’t get much better.

I won’t disclose what happened, rather I’ll post a lengthy review of my trip when I’m done. All I’ll say though, is that the Jays somehow lost that game (I watched it in a Western Xia Cultural Site on my patchy 4G), and that we’re probably screwed.


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