Not Jays Watch Game Thirty-Nine, instead a Personal Story:

There will be no Jays Watch written by myself tomorrow. I have two important school events tomorrow, as such I will not be watching the game tomorrow, so with that in mind, I hope Bolsinger comes up with the goods. So why post then? Because tomorrow is significant to me, and it’s not that becoming an alum of Peking University is hinging on my results tomorrow.

Why then is tomorrow so meaningful then?

I know I never bothered to mention this, and for good reason seeing it affects the perceived validity of my baseball knowledge, but I actually live in Australia, and through all of the memories of baseball, one of the most vivid, for a very personal reason is interleague two seasons ago at Atlanta, the game Marco Estrada started. Why is the reason personal, well I had, well I wouldn’t say depression, but the Blue Jays were one of the only good things in my life I felt at that time (obviously that’s bullshit, I was too blinkered to see otherwise however). Life felt shit due to self-inflicted factors (not actual physical self-harm though), I was in no shape to complete my final year of high school and I was bombing out, both academically and mentally.

I was in a crappy mood, watching an illegal stream on a school computer because my (former) best friend was doing her work (we had Australia’s equivalent of university entrance exams in a month) while myself, having lost all motivation in nearly everything and told by a trusted colleague (now my best friend) to stop everything and do what made you happy. That meant watching the Blue Jays, and despite the team’s success, it wasn’t happening.

Then Marco Estrada got a base hit, and a flick just switched in my head. I couldn’t stop smiling, then laughing. After that, I was completely engrossed by Estrada’s work that day. That’s probably the last time I remember feeling depressed, I remember where I was that day, why I was there that day, and what happened that day. Estrada pitched 8 that day (I thought it was 7, but says otherwise), and the Jays won comfortably. Yet it was the base hit that always lives with me.

With that in consideration, the Braves interleague game today feels extra special to me, baseball may have saved my life, and without that Estrada base hit seemingly brightening everything up, who knows where I’d be. So that’s why the Braves interleague clash means a lot to me, and this is I believe the first Braves-Jays interleague game since that day. I obviously hope we win, but at the end of the day, this fixture has done enough for me, it may’ve saved my life, and win or lose, I’m just happy to be here.

P.S: If you feel depressed and it’s a chronic state of depression, talk to someone, eventually I did, and that’s what led to my dedicated Blue Jays fandom. I’m not suggesting watching 140 games of Blue Jays Baseball a season (unless you’re a MBJ member), but talk to someone, because people do care about you, and life is worth living.

I will always love and support the Blue Jays to the extent I do because of this singular event, one moment that turned the life around of a kid 17 hours and around 9000 miles away. Go Jays

P.P.S: I’d have a photo of Marco Estrada swinging a baseball bat, but I genuinely can’t find one picture of this happening


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