I am hungover AF. Really, I went out last night for seemingly no reason, convinced by a girl I don’t really like or consider as a friend (but may like because of something I’ll take to my grave). I came back at 3AM, it was fun but I was falling asleep because of yesterday’s early start, plus I had nothing to talk about with said girl (I’m a terrible conversationist and have no game). I also woke up about three minutes before the game.

Anyways, The Jays were looking to break a two game losing streak, and were bringing Joe Biagini to the mound to face Mike Foltynewicz. Being in an NL park, significant lineup changes had to be made. No Morales in the infield, with Smoaky playing first, Barney at third, Goins at short and Devon at second. In the outfield, Zeke was at the left field corner.

It was over after one, after the Jays couldn’t cash in a Zeke single, the Braves came up for the bottom of the first. After Inciarte singled, Biagini botched up the double play, an errant throw bringing Goins off the bag. Instead of potentially two outs and none on base, there were runners on first and second with no outs. Joe was rattled, and proceeded to walk in the first run through consecutive walks given to Freddie Freeman and Matt Kemp. This was becoming a disaster, and Biagini then gave up a base hit to the left field corner, where Zeke couldn’t come up with the ball because he has no idea how to field at certain times. That left it 3-0 with no outs, and runners at 1st and 2nd. It was irrelevant, as Kurt Suzuki then hit a home run to make it 6-0. Again, WITH NO OUTS IN THE FIRST, IN THE SAME INNING WHERE THERE WOULD’VE BEEN AT LEAST AN OUT IF BIAGINI DIDN’T FUCK UP HIS THROW.

Biagini then retired the next three, but it was a 35 pitch inning, and the Jays were 6-0 down after one fucking inning.

The Jays went 1-2-3 in the second, as did the Braves. Maile reached to lead-off the third, not a base hit (not a surprise), but an error by Dansby Swanston. Biagini would then sac bunt to move Maile to second. A groundout and a line-out by Pillar and Zeke respectively would leave Maile stranded. Biagini would retire the side in fucking order, because of course that happens when your 6-0 down.

Joey Bats led off with a double, before Smoaky blasted it out for a home run, a 2-run shot to right-center field. Devon followed with a single and in the words of Pat, “all of a sudden this game has a different complexion to it. A FC by Goins and a DP ended the rally though. Interestingly, the first out of the DP was an awesome play by Brandon Phillips (is that his name?), who didn’t have his foot on the base. No out should’ve been recorded, the Jays however didn’t think of reviewing it, so a missed opportunity there.

Biagini was dealing, after the fourth he’d retired 12 in a row, truly a masterful pitching performance. Maile finally got a base hit to lead-off the fourth, then for some reason Biagini was removed for a pinch-hitter. Karma was restored as an FC left Maile at second, because Biagini couldn’t have done that could he. Pillar would groundout, Maile advancing to third, then scored on a wild pitch. The inning would then continue, as Zeke would walk and Bautista would single. Zeke would then be called out on interference, as he run into Peterson as he tried to make the play. Zeke is an idiot sometimes, and this was the right call, so instead of the bases loaded, it’s the end of the fucking inning and we’re down 6-3.

The Jays stranded two runers in the 5th, thanks to Dominic Leone. Aaron Loup came in to pitch the fifth, but he only got an out, giving up a double and hitting Freddie Freeman (note it wasn’t bad, as he probs won’t play tomorrow). Leone stranded the pair with a strikeout and groundout to Devon.

Travis was ‘intentionally walked’ to start the 6th, hit by a retaliation pitch. The Braves would get a DP under suspicious circumstances, Swanston dropping the ball so that he could turn two.

Kurt Suzuki got a lucky bounce to start the sixth, the ball, originally going straight to Barney hit the bag and flew into left field, giving Suzuki a double. After Peterson walked, Maile threw a ball into center field trying to pick the runner off at second (right decision, terrible execution). With runners on second and third with no outs, thigns looked done. A sac fly then scored Suzuki, Gibby then reviewed the play, saying that Suzuki left too early. Suzuki can run very fast, being called safe. JP Howell came in for Leone, an Inciarte RBI single making it 8-3, an error by Joey Bats allowing Inciarte to take second. Phillips then walked before a groundout ended the inning.

I stopped watching after the seventh, there’s no point continuing to watch in a game with a lost cause. I still believe in Joe as a starter, we all have bad days. If only he had made a good throw.



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