Holy FUCK, Freddie Freeman’s out for 10 weeks, after being hit by a pitch yesterday. Shit was going to go down today, and not in a good way. Joey Bats had another bat flip yesterday, so he was bound to get thrown out. Kevin Pillar used a gay slur against a Braves reliever. We’d hit six or seven Braves during the series, and to top it all off, benches have cleared during this series. Something was going to happen.

Pillar was suspended without pay for his comments, while Devon Travis and Smoaky  had a day off, which meant a total reshuffle of things. In the infield, Barney played third, with Goins at short, Coghlan at second and Morales at first. The outfield wasn’t any better, with Joey Bats at right, Ceciliani at center, and Zeke at left. With Stroman pitching against the Braves ace Julio Teheran, today was going to be an interesting day for the Jays.

I only watched bits and pieces because I was working early today, plus the fact I was again hungover from going out last night and playing (and losing) in beer pong. Actually, before I review the game, I’d like to say that the beer pong tournament had people take it way too seriously. My mate on another team had such a look of concentration on his face, wanting to win at all costs, beer pong in China truly is a serious sport.

So, what were the bits and pieces that I watched. Well, I was on a train heading to work when the game started, and by the time I got there, it was raining and the Jays were up 9-0. So, how were they up 9-0?

In the first, three were scored through three hits (including two doubles) and a HBP to Joey Bats in retribution for yesterday. In the third, an RBI single by Morales and a two-run shot by Ceciliani made it 6-0. While in the fourth, Maile and Stroman both HOMERED, while another RBI single by Morales made it 9-0.

So, was there anything else interesting that I saw, not really.

In the sixth, Stroman got two outs before being hit for back-to-back singles. That ended his night, with GIbby calling for Ryan Tepera to strand the runners. I hated the call, thinking that Stro Show should’ve been allowed to finish his inning, but sure enough, Tepera got a strike-out to end the inning.

In the seventh inning stretch, we got to see two Blue Jays fans look derisively towards the Braves fans doing their version of the tomahawk chop, so that was something.

Tepera went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the seventh, with Coghlan nearly booting the first out groundout but eventually getting the out. A pop-up and a fly-ball ended the inning. Tepera got to hit in the top of the eighth, he struck out, and it wasn’t pretty. It was so quiet, that we could hear one guy singing Jose, Jose Jose Jose. All the Braves fans had already let or had permanently shut up.

Joe Smith struck out the side in the eighth in order, first a slider that caught the edge of the plate, then a swing and miss in the dirt, then a high fastball swing and miss.

With the score 9-0, the Jays finally had the chance to safely turn on the Grilli. This time he didn’t burn a thing, an easy 9-0 win.

So how did the starters go? Obviously, Julio Teheran got smashed, allowing 9 runs all earned over 3+ innings. He gave up 8 hits and a walk, all of which came around to score, while he struck out two. For Stro Show, he pitched around well, in five and two thirds, he kept the game scoreless, while giving up 7 hits and a walk. Stroman struck out six, and continued his march to his Cy Young (if Chris Sale gets injured).


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