With the rain delay, I’m able to start writing this before the start of the game. And with the second rain delay, I was able to finish and post this before I went off to eat lunch.

So, let’s start with the obvious, OMG Anthony Alford is in the majors, and he’s playing tonight, this is actually happening. I feel like a teenage girl who’s just saw whatever pop star is in right now. Chances are, he’s here for one night only, so I hope you watched, else you probs missed out. Is there anything else, I don’t know, I’m too excited for this to focus on other things, if even Gregg Zaun is excited for this, I can’t imagine how he feels.

Now to the game itself, we know the starters, and for clarification, from now on no intro about who the starting pitchers are, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post to find out who the starting pitchers were today, scroll down to the bottom of the article to find out who pitched and their box scores. For the starting lineup, the outfield is still a mess, now Zeke is in center with Alford in left, Joey Bats is playing at right. In the infield, the normal Barney-Goins-Travis-Smoak lineup, with Morales DHing and Maile catching.

After a 29 minute delay, the game got underway, and the first pitch was in, like really in, nearly hitting Zeke on a pitch where the catcher set up down and away. After Zeke grounded out, Joey Bats was greeted with a shower of boos and abuse, and his single to right field made me laugh. 2 fly-outs by Morales and Smoaky would end the inning though. In the bottom of the inning, he pitched around a lead-off walk.

Tillman pitched a good second, while Sanchez would get into a lot of trouble. After a leadoff single by Trumbo, Sanchez would hit Trey Mancini and allow a single to Kim with one out. On another single, one run would score, with bases still loaded. A Schoop groundout would then see a runner out at home, before a foul-out stranded the bases loaded and the Jays only in a one run hole.

Both Tillman and Sanchez cruised through the third, before the Jays cashed in in the fourth. After Joey Bats was hit by a slow pitch, a Morales walk was followed by a Smoaky single that levelled the scores. Following that, Devon Travis would hit another double, scoring two and giving the Jays a 3-1 lead. He couldn’t be cashed in by Barney, but the damage was done, 3-1 Jays.

The fifth was very interesting, not because anything happened, but because Buck started talking about cricket, a sport popular back in Australia. Just goes to show you the joys and things that come up in a baseball game.

The Orioles would come back in the bottom of the sixth. Following a Trumbo single, Wellington Castillo hit a fly-ball that kept travelling, right over the center field wall, bringing the scores to 3-3. Alford would also save a run by preventing a home run, reaching a little over the wall to end the 6th.

In the seventh, Coghlan pinch-hit for Alford, and singled. Following Maile’s inability to lay down a bunt, a terrible pick-off attempt got Coghlan to second, Coghlan would get to third on a groundout by Zeke. Back to Back walks to Joey Bats and Morales loaded the bases. And Smoaky would bring home the runner, but it would open a whole new Jays controversy .

So what happened on that Smoaky play, Smoaky was HBP on a swinging strike two. So that supposedly means that you are out. So everyone was left stranded, I was left confused, and the score was left 3-3 heading into the bottom of the 7th.

The Orioles had nothing, Danny Barnes striking out two, while in the eighth, following a lead-off infield single by Travis, Goins bunted into a DP, because the Jays can’t play small ball. Joe would get the first two, before striking out Mancini twice. The umpire, continuing their anti-Jays agenda refused to call strike three and sure enough, Mancini would single to right. Kim though would pop out to second, ending the inning.

To start the ninth, Coghlan struck out on a full count, called out while advancing to first on what he thought was a walk. Dwight Smith Jr would then hit for Maile, and would strike out after a long, tough at-bat. Zeke would groundout to end the inning.

Ryan Tepera would come in to pitch the ninth, as the groundcrew began getting everything ready, with rain imminent. He would strike-out JJ Hardy on a full count with a slider, and get Schoop to line out to Goins. After a 9-pitch at-bat, Tepera finally got Jones to fly-out to Zeke in center, sending the game into extras.

After quick groundouts by Joey Bats and Morales, Smoaky walked, the whole time the rain steadily picking up. Devon Travis would strike out to end the inning, and Osuna would come on to pitch the bottom of the inning. But the rain would stop play, and I’d go to eat lunch.

Both starters were good in fits and starts, not surprising since both have recently returned from injuries. Sanchez would pitch six innings, giving up 3 runs (all earned) on six hits and two walks, while striking out four. As for Chris Tillman, he had a near identical stat line. He also gave up 3 runs (all earned) in six innings, conceding five hits and two walks, while striking out four.

To conclude for today, I’d like to bring up Anthony Alford, because what else is there to talk about today. I actually only found out he was being promoted an hour before the scheduled starting time, while at an ATM, and the description above was how I genuinely felt. Alford mashed in AA, and both looked like an athlete, and fielded well. He may be a future plug in the outfield, along with Pillar and hopefully Dwight Smith Jr or Pompey or someone else. I’m sure he’ll go down after today, or if not today by the end of the week as people start coming back. But whether or not he goes down to AA or AAA, I look forward to the future.

Mike Bolsinger starts tomorrow, I am one of the few believers in him and I think that even though we’re in a massive hitters park in Camden Yards, Mike will have a great start tomorrow. He’s up against Kevin Gausman. Go Jays, I hope we won


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