The Jays can’t really catch a break, so Russell Martin and Pillar came back into the line-up today with Ohlman and Dwight Smith Jr going down. That sounds great right? Well news just in, Sanchez is going onto the DL, again, for a right finger issue with some reliever replacing him. The lineup was returning to normal, the new normal that is. Martin finally catching, with a regulation infield of Barney-Goins-Travis-Smoak, and Zeke in left, Joey Bats in right, and Pillar in center.

Pillar led things off with a lead-off single, followed by a Zeke walk. Up came Joey Bats and it looked like he fielded into an FC, with Zeke out at second. Gibby though reviewed it on the belief that Zeke was safe as the bag was never touched. He was right, with the ruling that Zeke was out overturned, leaving bases loaded with no outs. Kendrys Morales, a career .340 hitter against the Orioles would come to the plate, with a short porch in right field, if a grand slam was ever going to happen, this was the time.

Morales fucked things up, a 2-0 count, a pitch below the zone, and Morales swings at it, WTF. DP making the score 1-0 Jays, but giving the Orioles two much needed outs. Smoaky then struck out swinging, Gausman coming back from a 3-0 count through his 98MPH flamethrowers. Somehow, the Jays were only up 1-0 after the first.

The Orioles would tack down a run of their own in the bottom of the inning, and leave me wondering why on earth I rate Mike Bolsinger. After a strikeout with his curve, Adam Jones got an infield hit, then Machado singled to left. And after a Davis strikeout, Trumbo would single to left and score Jones, who beat the throw from Zeke. Bolsinger would then load the bases, but a good play by Devon Travis would end the inning and keep the score at one.

Gausman had a 6-pitch second, with a one-out single by Russell Martin against the shift immediately negated by a DP off of Barney’s bat. Bolsinger meanwhile would get through the second stranding a man at first.

Goins was called out to begin the third on a grounder to second, but Gibby again challenged, and again the ruling was overturned, with Chris Davis’ foot off the bag. Goins broke a hitless streak that was 24 at-bats long. Back-to-back fly ball outs would bring Joey Bats to the plate, and his bloop single would put runners on first and third with two outs for Morales. Morales would strike out, stranding some more runners, 1-1 heading into the bottom of the third.

The first pitch of the third was absolutely belted, I didn’t have to see to know that was gone, because I’d heard it. Bolsinger would then cruise through the rest of the inning.

In the fourth, a one-out single by Travis would be negated by an awesome DP set up by Machedo. Robbing Martin of possibly extra bases with a diving backhand stop down the line, Machedo got the DP, just beating out both Travis and a slow-moving Martin. Bolsinger would have a good fourth, pitching around a walk to keep the score 2-1 after four.

Barney led-off the fifth with a base hit to center, breaking an 0-14 streak. Pillar’s one-out hit would put runners on first and second, barney would advance to third on an FC by Zeke. Again though, the Jays couldn’t cash in, with Joey Bats striking out on an 98 mph heater to end the inning.

Machado would reach on a walk and with two-outs, Trumbo would hit a two-run shot with another no-doubter, again to left field. All of a sudden Bolsinger’s strong night unravelled, the Orioles now up 4-1.

With one-out in the sixth, Smoaky latched onto a pitch on broadway, bringing the score back to 4-2. Adam Jones nearly tracked it down, but made a joke of a leap to allow the ball to go. That was Smoaky’s 10th home run of the year. Follwing that, Devon Travis had yet another double, then Martin after a long at-bat got rung up by the anti-Jays mob, striking out looking. Barney would pop out to end the mini-rally.

Bolsinger would continue pitching into the sixth, after a lead-off walk by Kim, Bolsinger struck out Schoop, and after walking JJ Hardy, Bolsinger was taken out by Gibby for Dominic Leone. A wild pitch by Leone led to the runners advancing to second and third, and Gibby having to intentionally walk Seth Smith. The DP would allow the Jays to escape unscathed, but it wasn’t looking good.

Gausman was removed to start the seventh for a lefty in the O’s bullpen. Because of this, Goins was removed for Anthony Alford. AA could only strike out swinging on a full count, swinging at a low fastball. Pillar would then reach on an error scored to Hardy at short (it wasn’t an error on Hardy, as Davis couldn’t scoop the ball off the turf). Pillar would then steal second before Zeke walked. That was end the lefty’s night, with Mychal Givens coming on to face Joey Bats, with the tying run on first.

Wouldn’t you know it, Joey Bats was down 0-2, yet he fought back, and sneak a long line drive fair down the left field line, blasting a three run shot and bringing the Jays into the lead. Smoaky struck out to end the inning, and this was where things got weird.

Because of Goins, the field needed to be reshuffled, so clearly Coghlan would come in right? Wrong, Alford stayed in the game to play right field, while Zeke stayed in the game, which meant Joey Bats pulled out vintage 2008 Jose in fielding at third base, with Barney at short. Confusing? Hell yeah, well at least the bench still had numbers right? Wait, only Coghlan and Maile left, fucking hell.

Leone would get Machado to groundout to Barney at short to begin the seventh, before the LOOGY was brought in for lefty Chris Davis. Davis would get that hit, hitting a lining single against the shift just past the laid out Barney. Loup would be immediately removed for Danny Barnes. Trumbo would get a base hit, Barney doing all he could just to slow the ball down, runners remaining on first and second with only one out.

Wellington Castillo would then repeat what he did twice yesterday, hitting a three-run shot on a 0-2 pitch to put the Jays in a hole. Joey Rickard, in for Kim would immediately single following the home run. Schoop would follow with another single, making it five consecutive hits for the Orioles. Joey Bats would turn the DP himself, because no one else could do a fucking thing, 7-5 to Baltimore heading into the eighth, everything well and truly shot.

Darren O’Day would pitch the eighth, as the game inched towards its inevitable conclusion, Travis striking out swinging at a high fastball. He went three up three down, nuff said.

With the game done, we got to see a feelgood story, the Jays debut of new reliever Cesar Valdez. Valdez would get a fly-out from Jones, then after an extended at-bat with Machado get a pop-up, lastly Davis would have a ball well caught by AA near the foul line at the warning track.

So the Jays needed two runs to force extras against Brad Brach, they lost. Coghlan, pinch-hitting for AA struck out, then Pillar flew out to right, before Zeke flew out on the warning track to right-center field. We lost 7-5, in reality it felt a lot worse then that, this was demoralising.

To conclude, a progress check on my first prediction of the season. When the Jays went to Baltimore to start the season, I predicted 120 homers for the Orioles own ‘Murderers Row’, Machedo, Davis and Trumbo. They only have 25 combined at the moment, with around a quarter of the season gone. I’ll check back on this stat on the next trip to Baltimore, but the way this season has gone, I hope they all get injured in the next week or so, because god we need a break.

Tomorrow’s match-up is favourable, with Estrada up against Wade Miley, at least we shouldn’t be swept right, right?


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