Well what the fuck was that. I again didn’t watch much of the game, although when Morales hit his two-run shot on that inside pitch, I thought it was game, how wrong was I

Well, let’s give a crappy summary of the victory.

Liriano pitched 7 strong innings, only giving up three runs (2 earned), he only allowed 5 hits and 2 walks, although the triple by Corey Dickerson was a killer. Francisco struck out nine, and in general looked great, in short this was his good start, so expect him to last 2 innings his next start. Jake Odorizzi was meant to start yesterday but didn’t, did he look right today? I don’t think so, he gave up 3 walks and 5 hits in four and a third. He gave up 5 runs (3 earned), and fanned four.

So, what went wrong for the Jays? Even though we won, Joe Smith got knocked around, was it a little harsh to blame him for cocking up the win? I say yes. He’ll have these games from time to time, let’s just be grateful the win was preserved.

The cheer wasn’t that loud for Russell Martin’s solo shot, which rather surprised me, that shot was the go-ahead run, in the eighth and the crowd seemed subdued, as if they saw Osuna blowing the save.

That eighth was wild, an infield single by Dwight Smith Jr, on the pop-up that was lost in the sky. This was then followed by a Goins bunt (finally one that should’ve happened) that advanced Smith Jr to second, and a steal of third on a strike three on Pillar (Pillar was clearly distracted by Smith Jr, else he would’ve swung at that pitch down broadway, for gods sake, Pillar would swing at a pitch if it bounced twice and was located near the WestJet flightdeck. Donaldson was then intentionally walked, note with two outs, showing the respect other teams have to the bringer of rain and the 2017 MVP (if we make playoffs). Joey Bats struck out on a full count, swinging at a high fastball. Regardless, we’d be up heading into the ninth, with Osuna out and about

Osuna’s at-bat with Dickerson in the ninth was legendary, six straight fastballs, a challenge of power, before Martin called the change-up. On the ninth pitch of the at-bat, there was finally a groundout, right to Osuna himself, and the game looked done. A pop-up to Goins, never a guarantee on a night like this ended the game, and gave the Jays a 7-6 win.

Of course this happens, my first day refreshed at home, and it’ll be a rest day. The White Sox come for the weekend, and I think we’re finally going to get to .500. The Yankees better watch their back, their ‘fans’ too, I see an exodus from their bandwagon.

Biagini will start against the Sox ace Jose Quintana to start the series, Quintana has been shit, with an ERA over five, as long as Biagini doesn’t pitch more than six innings, we’ll be right.

To conclude, Zeke is on the DL, I hope he never fucking returns, because as everyone on Bluebird banter can agree on, it is that Zeke’s fielding won’t be missed. Dwight Smith Jr stole a base in that eighth, on a Pillar strikeout. He hit well, he didn’t throw to the wrong base, all signs point to success, least til Dalton is ready to play in the majors.


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