I woke up about five minutes before the game started. I honestly thought it was about 7AM my time, so when I looked at my clock, I scrambled to find the laptop. I didn’t miss a pitch, as it would turn out, I’d wish that I missed whole bloody game.

Pearce was activated, with Coghlan on the DL, do I think Coghlan was really injured with a left wrist contusion, hell no, but I’m happy that he’s gone.

Steve Pearce was back in the lineup today at left field. The infield was normal, with only Goins replaced by Darwin Barney. I was very hopeful that we’d finally win a game with .500 on the line, and that this would be the last the Jays would see of a losing record.

Joe wasn’t fine beforehand, as I’d later learn. Joe’s warm-up pitches on the mound were terrible. And sure enough, it seemed to show, eventually that is.

AN unlucky infield single started things, but from there, it wasn’t bad luck that was the problem.. Biagini just couldn’t throw a strike, and it was because that quick leadoff guy stole second. A four-pitch walk showed it. Abreu had the green light, and sure enough, on a 3-0 count, tripled to the right field wall. 2-0 Sox before an out was recorded. God baseball can be cruel. Todd Frazier would have a one-out sac fly, because of a shit throw by Joey Bats, if it’s on target he’s gone. Some White Sox guy then doubled right on the left field line. Biagini then made a fucking throwing error on what would’ve been an infield single from a swinging bunt by Tim Anderson. Guess what that made it. That’s right FOUR TO ZERO. He got through the inning without further damage, but at that point, who cared, it’d be a long way back, especially if Quintana had one of his good games.

In the bottom of the first, Josh had a one-out base hit down the middle which would be immediately wiped out by a DP. It was going to be a long morning for me.

Another infield single, again to the second baseman to start the top of the second was demoralising. After a Hansen single, I was thinking Here we go again. Melky Cabrera then scored an RBI double, making it 6-0. Another RBI double made it 7-0.

Biagini was put out of his misery, replaced by Dominic Leone after 1+ inning, giving up seven runs.

A couple of runners later, Steve Pearce missed an out, fucking up his throw to second on a line-out that would’ve caught Abreu. At least they wouldn’t pay for that mistake, two strikeouts ending the inning.

Morales would lead-off the second with a solo shot, but that would be given right back, an RBI single by Hansen (the leadoff guy for the Sox, see I learn names and care about my work) would make it 8-1 into the bottom of the third.

Steve Pearce was back, and with a bang. In his first at-bat since coming off the DL, he homered right on the right field line, reducing the margin to six.

A 1-2-3 by Leone in the fourth, miracles do happen!

Beliveau came out to pitch the 5th, it wasn’t pretty, but it was scoreless, at least until Melky Cabrera hit a three-run shot.

Windmill Ron fucked things up again. Steve was nailed at home, by about 15 fucking feet. My little brother would make a better third base coach, and he’s never watched a game in his life.

The sixth was wasted, a DP with no outs and men on first and second leading to a scoreless inning, Morales flying out to deep center to leave the scores 11-2 after six.

I stopped watching, I’d had enough, plus I had stuff to do today. If we won, it’s a fucking miracle.

A review of Biagini, this wasn’t like the Braves game all over again. Against the Braves, I thought Biagini pitched alright, even when he’d conceded six before getting an out. This was different though, and let’s hope tomorrow’s better. We are now 0-6 in games where we have the chance to go .500, and I’m bloody pissed off.

To conclude, I’d like to praise the White Sox for allowing kids to sit on the bench. In the fourth, we saw Todd Frazier sitting next to a little kid, presumably his son. After last year’s Adam LaRoche debacle, it’s good to see the White Sox use common sense again, I always knew Robin Ventura was a nut.

Tomorrow we see Stro Show against Mike Pelfrey, well at least we’re not losing this one. Plus, it’s in the afternoon, so don’t miss it, because I probably will.


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