I hate the games at this time, and this is going to be short, because I’m a whinger and want to get to sleep. Jason Hammel is starting for the Royals against Liriano, so who knew where this game was going to go. Normal lineup for facing a righty, Dwight Smith JR in left, Joey Bats in right and Pillar in center, Martin was catching today, with Smoak at first, Goins at second etc. Morales was the DH for today.

For what feels like the 10th straight night, the Jays ran into early trouble. After going down in the first, Liriano would give up a one-out solo shot to Jorge Bonifacio.

The Jays couldn’t cash in a one-out Martin double in the second, before the Jays threatened in the third. Donaldson had a great at-bat and eventually walked on 9 or 10 pitches, before Smoaky followed with a single. That would leave runners on the corners with two outs and Kendrys Morales coming to the plate. Alas, all he could do would pop out.

Liriano would retire the side again in the 3rd, before the Jays were retired in order by Hammel, whose pitch count was elevated for a man would hadn’t given up a run.

Bonfiacio would leadoff the bottom of the fourth with a leadoff double, and when Lorenzo Cain hit one hard, I feared the worst, Smith Jr though caught it on the warning track. The Jays wouldn’t be so lucky with the next at-bat, a single by Eric Hosmer giving the Royals a 2-0 lead.

Goins would leadoff the fifth with a single, bringing Jose to the plate, and on a 3-0 count to Joey Bats, launched the ball into left field, his home run levelling the score. Russell Martin would then walk, before a Donaldson pop-out. Following up, Smoaky would ground into what looked like a surefire DP, but an Alcides Escobar error left runners on first and second, and more importantly keeping the inning alive. Hammel would strike out Morales, and Tulo would strand the pair, flying out to right.

The Jays and Liriano would squeak through the fifth, Goins making a backhand play to end the inning and save a run, keeping it 2-2 after five.

Hammel was taken out for a reliever, and said reliever did a crap job. Barney would pinch-hit for Dwight Smith Jr, and singled to center. Two straight walks including one to Steve Pearce, pinch-hiiting for Goins would then leave the bases loaded, no outs and a new reliever to face Joey Bats. Peter Moylan would be the man, and Joey Bats would get the RBI, a bases loaded walk giving the Jays the lead. A Moustakas error on a Martin grounder would score another run, a 4-2 lead. The Bringer of Rain would then double, plating two and again forcing Ned Yost’s hand.

So runners on second and third with no outs, with another lefty batting to flip over Smoaky. Smoaky couldn’t do anything, Morales couldn’t really do much either, but Russell Martin could, running on contact, he avoided the tag from Sal Perez and got the RBI for Morales. Donaldson would end stranded at third, as Tulo struck out and Barney, who led off the inning remember would pop out.

The one thing the Jays needed was a quick inning. A one-out bloop single off the handle threatened to derail things, but the Jays would respond with a double play, the score 7-2 through six.

The same thing happened to start the seventh, Pillar with a leadoff double that would eventually be cashed in through a Pearce groundout and a RBI single by Joey Bats. Score would be extended to 8-2 heading into the bottom of the seventh.

Liriano would come out for another inning, and would allow a leadoff double to Sal Perez, Pillar misplaying the ball. A walk to the next batter would then end the night of Liriano, replaced by Danny Barnes.

The Jays wouldn’t get anything in the 8th, and luck would finally fall the Jays way in the 8th. Lorenzo Cain would get an infield single, and following a steal of second, a single by Eric Hosmer should’ve scored him. Instead Cain was ball-watching as Hosmer went hustling for a double. Homser would be out at second and Cain never reaching home plate before Hosmer was tagged out. So instead of 8-3 after eight innings, it remained 8-2.

Roberto Osuna would pitch the ninth, because I’m bloody confused as to what the hell is going on.

Liriano had a Mr Jekyll kind of game, pitching 6+ inning  giving up two runs, both earned, off of 6 hits and a walk. As for Jason Hammel, he was let down by his bullpen, as Hammel only pitched 5 innings, giving up 2 runs off of 5 hits and 3 walks, striking out six.

To conclude, I’d like to talk about Kevin Pillar. It’s only been two months since we were singing was praises and asking if he should be an all-star, but things have really regressed. That’s not an issue as his hitting was never going to remain above .300, but it’s his fielding that’s the issue. Frankly he’s been shit, Superman no more. He has misjudged a lot of balls, and although his speed is still there, his judgement isn’t.

We have the day-off tomorrow as we go back home. We’ll start the series against Baltimore Tuesday, with Biagini pitching against Kevin Gausman.


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