To say that this game was winnable is an underestimate, to suggest that Ubaldo Jimenez isn’t a major league pitcher is simply stating the obvious. But there is one more obvious statement that very non-Blue Jays fan seems to not know about. The Blue Jays can be fucking annoying to watch, because god we run hot and cold. What Jays lineup would show up today?

So the lineup indicated runs, a full line-up with Smoaky at first, Goins at second, Tulo and JD occupying their normal infield half. Zeke at left, Joey Bats at right and Pillar in center leaving an outfield that for once, didn’t feel decimated by injury.

So, would the runs flow against Ubaldo, um no.

The Orioles struck first with a sac fly in the third making it 1-0, Happ would get out of the jam to keep the game 1-0, the issue though was that somehow Ubaldo was in the zone. Not just the strike zone, but in THE zone, it took him under 30 pitches to get through three, that’s alright though, he’d break down eventually.

5-pitch 4th inning by J.A Happ, Happ was doing his job, the bats just weren’t lighting up.

Fuck, the fourth started to get to me, this guy has a good start twice a fucking year, and he’s now throwing curveballs. Ubaldo Jiminez does not throw curveballs, and yet he got Martin on a tapper with a curveball to start the 4th, and got soft contact from Donaldson and Smoaky to end the inning.

Happ cruised through the fifth, while we finally got a man on base, with Tulo walking with one-out in the fifth, it meant nothing as an FC and a Pillar strikeout meant 1-0 after five.

Thank fuck things didn’t get too ugly in the sixth. Schoop leadoff with a single, but was out trying to stretch that into a double. I don’t actually think Schoop was out, but the Trash Birds didn’t review, so that was one out. Following that, Adam Jones singled and advanced to second on a passed ball. After Trumbo was out, we had a 4-pitch walk to Mancini (thank god he wasn’t served a meatball), that counted for nothing though. An RBI single would make it 2-0, Happ though found a way out, Craig Gentry grounding out to end the inning.

Jimenez went 1-2-3 again, fuck me.

J.A had run out of legs, if it wasn’t apparent in the sixth, the seventh said it all. He actually got the first out of the inning, as Kevin Pillar made his first webgem in nearly a month, making an awesome play while crashing into the wall, preventing extra-bases for Chase Utley nemesis #19 Ruben Tejada. He wasn’t lucky enough to have a screaming line-drive near a fielder next batter, a single ending Happ’s night. Leone would get the final two outs of the seventh to keep it at 2-0.

Ubaldo kept going strong, and I kept on whinging about why today.

WE kept it tight in the eighth, and finally got a man in scoring position with two outs in the 8th, with Pillar doubling (well singling, slowing down when he thought it went yard, and nearly getting tagged out). That left Ryan Goins with the responsibility as the tying run. He’s been good with RISP this year, but not this time, fouling out to end the threat, and allowing Ubaldo to have EIGHT SCORELESS INNINGS.

Tepera would pitch a clean 9th, and Brad Brach would come on for the save. We’d get a one-out hit, but a JD strikeout and a fly-out by Smoaky meant the series loss and a 2-0 defeat.

If you told me we’d only concede two runs for the whole game, I’d have thought that at a minimum it’d be an easy save, let alone a blowout. So someone please tell me how on earth we fucking lost. Also, how on earth did we only score 5 runs in 3 games, against the fucking Orioles, fuck me.

For Canada Day weekend, we have the Red Sox coming to town for a 3-game series. I think that we’re fucked now, tomorrow we’ll see Estrada up against Doug Fister (I think), before Canada Day itself and Chris Sale, yeah, this may be it.


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