We’re currently down 15-0 heading into the bottom of the seventh, but you know what the funny thing is, if Josh Donaldson was resting today, we may still have been in the game. Here’s the runs I attribute to an off day fielding wise by the bringer of Rain.

Top of the second:

With two outs, Donaldson fieldings a hotshot, presumably ending the inning without major inning to J.A, instead Donaldson can’t complete the play, airmailing the throw. Four more runs come in because of that error.

Top of the seventh:

DP ball, Donaldson just bobbles it and can’t get the ball in his hand to make the throw, he can’t get the guy at first because he bobbles it again on the ground, everyone safe, directly 2 more runs, the amount of runs scoring because it got to Aaron Loup, 2 more at least.

I think Darwin Barney makes both plays, the score would probably be 3-0 because Happ would’ve gone an extra two innings minimum, we don’t empty the pen and the bench, and things aren’t a disaster.

A man can dream


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