That was a fucking kick in the guts.

Osuna blew a save, on two-outs and looking like he’d end the game. On top of that, Bolsinger pitched amazing, and what do we have to show for it, a heartbreaking loss and the loss of the spot-starter.

God it was discouraging. We couldn’t get to Brian Johnson the way we should be, because let’s be honest, if each player played to their potential in this series, we’d probably sweep them. As it stands though, we’re 43-50, and just about gone. How did it all happen?

Well let’s start with the Jays up 3-1 heading into the bottom of the sixth. J.A hadn’t pitched great, but he’d pitched well, the Sox working him into counts frequently. He just couldn’t make it out of the sixth, Pedroia leading off with a solo shot. It was left to Biagini to fix things up. Did he? Yes, he slogged through and the Jays were up 3-2 after six, in time to finish things off.

Nah, it never ends up like that. Jeff Beliveau proved why he belongs in Triple-A, beginning the inning with a leadoff single. That runner came around to score because of course. At that point, I thought that was it, as it turned out, the game would go on for another two and a half hours.

We fucked things up royally in the eighth. That was the chance to win the game, runners on the corners with no outs. Pillar would groundout, but Tulo didn’t run. The end result, a double play and somehow Tulo still at third. Seriously, Luis Rivera needs to be fired, NOW. We wouldn’t score in the inning, and the game would just get started.

Ryan Goins’ sac fly in the 11th gave the Jays the lead, and I thought Osuna would close the gate. He couldn’t, with a two-out single by Mookie Betts resulting in a blown save. Joey Bats on the same play showed off his cannon of an arm, gunning Bogaerts trying to advance to third.

As said before, Bolsinger pitched great, but he was credited with the loss, as Hanley Ramirez smoked one over the Green Monster. I knew it was over as soon as the ball was hit. Happ pitched 5+ giving up two earned runs, while Brian Johnson pitched six giving up three, all earned.

Sanchez to pitch tomorrow against Pomeranz. We’re boned, and perhaps need to focus on next year.

Also this was my first post for awhile, uni has been busy, plus after watching the shitshow that is the Jays, I’m not really eager to write things up.


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